I Now Return After Drastic Life Changes

The World of Adamia has returned! The last several months have been utterly insane as well as the best of my life. I have cleaned up all the old spam comments I could find and installed a Captcha module to try to prevent another buildup. Here are just a few of my notable life events that have occurred in the last 3 months or so (mostly in the correct order):

  • Proposed to my girlfriend.
  • Decided to alter my career, and researched tons of jobs all over the country.
  • Submitted a resume that worked so well, 2 separate Google divisions contacted me repeatedly about a job.
  • Planned a wedding and honeymoon in just a few weeks and purchased wedding bands.
  • Secured my dream job developing video games in San Diego (yes, I willingly turned down the final step in the Google process).
  • Joined Facebook (ending a very long boycott on Social Networking sites due to Myspace's evils) and got thoroughly connected so I can keep in touch easier from the West Coast.
  • Married my amazing wife, courtesy of my pastor father and a great family on both sides who whipped things together with basically no real glitches in record time.
  • Went on a week-long honeymoon in the mountains in Tennessee.
  • Sold or trashed at least 3/4 of what we owned, including a rather disappointingly unsuccessful yard sale.
  • Traded in both of our cars for an SUV and got a car-top carrier. We're very happy with our Ford Escape Hybrid, by the way.
  • Got a higher-limit credit card just in case (with really high gas rewards for the trip).
  • Mailed half of our remaining stuff to San Diego and crammed the rest into the SUV, and drove from the Cincinnati area to San Diego in 2.5 days. Did I mention we had a cat with us?
  • In the process of buying an apartment's worth of decent furniture.

It's been a wild ride, and it's been exciting for the both of us. Look for regular blog posts to start popping up again!



Welcome back to a new life for you. Cara Kuat Berhubungan Seks


Good to see you posting again! A lot of changes, for sure. I pray all is going well.


Things are going very well for us actually. I hear you got a nice new life transition coming as well...

a d a m


yeah, that's beaches with an "h" in the middle to conveniently parody the worn out meme of referring to people you love as bihotches. Ironically, it works really well, because now you live close to the beaches of the lovely SoCal...

I'm still jealous.

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