Isaac Newton, Practical Magician

If the revered Isaac Newton was a Christian, he was no saint, and he was certainly not a literal creationist. Let us look at his profane worldview, his luciferian life work, and his carnal lifestyle.

UPDATE: I have decided not to continue writing this article; to do it justice would require several hundred more hours of research. To see the research materials referenced so far, please watch my link collection.



Newton Christianity and Creationism

You couldn't be more wrong about Newton's religious beliefs. He certainly was a Christian if "heretical", he was a Unitarian. But he was certainly a Creationist, without a doubt, and extreme Creationist. His natural philosophy and natural theology were one project to him-both an effort to discover the attributes of God, God in the Judea-Christian tradition. See the following site for more info:

Newton and Religion

Please note also the note on the web site you referenced to back up your comments on Newton: "NOTE: NB: this document is still 'work in progress' and has not yet been checked against the original manuscript."

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