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Nicorette® for Christmas Cards

Christmas cards need their own form of Nicorette®. They constitute a fruitless addiction that plagues our society and heaps coals of vanity on our already sterile holiday. My deep desire is to see society at large cease the corporate printing and selling of Christmas Cards as soon as possible, allowing us to eliminate one of many factors that destroy the meaning of what was once a profound and joyful time of the year.

Extreme Cancer, Poison, and Infection - Miracles in Nigeria #04

I present to you some of the best video depictions of healings I have found. Breast cancer, chest cancer, leg cancer, body/skin poison, and mouth infection are all displayed with a before and after shot of the healing.

Raising the Dead! - Miracles in Nigeria #03

Brace yourself! In this video a man is raised from the dead ... that is, if you believe it! I will let this one speak for itself. What are your thoughts?

Lameness (Cripple), Spine, Nerves, and More - Miracles in Nigeria #02

T.B. Joshua heals a variety of conditions ranging from a degenerate spine to osteoporosis … if this is genuine! What do you think?

Blindness, Deafness, and HIV - Miracles in Nigeria #01

To kick off a new series in my campaign to seek out evidence of the supernatural in our world, I present the first adamia videos depicting healings. See a woman healed of blindness, a boy healed of deafness, and a man healed of HIV by the self-proclaimed prophet T.B. Joshua … if this is genuine! What do you think?

Edit in WriteRoom from DEVONthink Pro

I recently purchased DEVONthink Pro and WriteRoom (2.0 beta), and I encountered a need for a smooth workflow. Here are some Applescripts to make the two work together seamlessly.

Post to from Safari

Fast workflow for posting to from Safari.

Oscillation Between Two Extremes

I used to say on a semi-regular basis, “In all areas of life, the answer seems to lie in the middle of two extremes.” I thought it to be a pearl nugget of ultimate wisdom. I now understand a deeper (and potentially superior) concept: in some areas of life, the answer can lie in a process whose average value is the center of two extremes, but the process itself comprises regular oscillation between the two extremes. For a mathematical demonstration of the concept, picture the graph of cosine(x). The average value taken to infinity is zero.