Announcing Adamia 3D: User Friendly 3D in Javascript

I am officially announcing adamia-3d, a user-friendly and fast (for Javascript) 3D engine written entirely in Javascript (no Flash whatsoever).

In its current (pre-alpha) stage, adamia-3d includes the following features:

  • Loads wavefront OBJ files
  • Support for orthographic & perspective rendering
  • No dependencies on other libraries
  • Heavily optimized math library included
  • Full scenegraph based on quaternions and matrices where appropriate
  • Works in all modern browsers except IE (and IE support is being worked on). However, recent Webkit browsers and Firefox 3.1beta perform vastly better than most current browsers.

Adamia-3d renders in most browsers with the Canvas tag, and the architecture is flexible enough to support different rendering backends. Several other rendering backends are already under way.




The project is hosted on Google Code at:

I used code from John Resig for OOP Classes and from Gareth Heyes for awesome browser detection.

Much more information will come later.



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Very nice

What kind of games or applications do you see the 3D engine being used for?

Good question

Well, I've got all kinds of plans for it, but I hope to drive its development based on community feedback and needs. It could be really useful for displaying 3d models in environments where Flash is not available, like the iPhone. Another nice benefit is how well it could integrate with a web page, something notoriously difficult with Flash.

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