Conscious vs. Subconscious Decisions

The total number of decisions you will make in any struggle does not increase; your chance of success in realizing your goals is directly proportionate to the ratio of conscious decisions to subconscious decisions.

If you seem to be going nowhere in life, you probably make very few conscious decisions. Life just seems to happen to you. However, the only major factor in this passive role in life is the amount of conscious control over decisions you make (heavily related to the concept of awareness). Nothing can remove the need to make a decision once confronted with the choice. But if you are not aware of your opportunity to consciously decide your action (and hence influence the outcome), you will simply let your subconscious decide, which inevitable results in action based on past habits — and rarely based on good habits.

The motivated person strives to makes his own decisions. He recognizes when these unavoidable choices arise, and he makes a conscious choice in how to react. He therefore increases his ratio of conscious decisions to unconscious decisions, and his chance of success markedly improves. The unmotivated person just wonders what went wrong and blames God, society, or the condom manufacturer.

Note that when I say the number of choices is non-increasing, that only applies to the current situation which of course arose from past choices. I am most definitely not implying that the motivated person is unable to create new future opportunities (and hence potentially more productive choices). The conscious creation of future opportunities is an outcome of my assertion rather than its antagonist.



I read a book over power of our unconscious after passing 70-431 exam. I think the name of the book was Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, it portrayed the wonders our powerful unconscious could do but to pass an exam like 640-822, we certainly need our conscious mind to be alive to its full potential. So, it depends when to use conscious and unconscious parts while both are helpful in maintaining a balance. Such a balance I have been able to achieve which resulted in immediate decision to go for EX0-101 to the comprehensive training I got for the exam.

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