Interactive Tree of Life

This is an interactive way to learn about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Decently configurable and aesthetically appealing, it should simplify the learning process for all that wish to know more about this iconic system. For now, it draws almost entirely from the Golden Dawn style of the Kabbalah.

The Interactive Tree of Life should appear here. If you are able to read this text, you will need to download the latest version of Flash, turn Javascript on and refresh this page to enjoy the videos.

Please post your comments/questions/ideas!
Future ideas I am currently working with:

  • All four trees, each in its Elemental world with matching color scale.
  • Astrological and Tarot references/popups.
  • Reflection onto the human body.
  • Diagram of the three pillars.
  • Elemental color scales for all twenty-two paths (alot of work!).
  • Different backgrounds, possibly based on live astrological data.
  • Maybe a Flash preloading script (I don't like those very much, but if demand is high...)


A servant is known by his

A servant is known by his master's absence. A silent tongue and true heart are the most admirable things on earth.

Tree of life meditation

Sorry to sound a little out of sorts i have been doing tree of life meditations for about six months. Only thing is that for some reason i am vibrating every now and again. Can you offer any suggestions as to what this side effect is or any corrections to my meditations so that it is not so jarring?


What type of vibrations are you having, and when do they occur? Many tree of life meditations include "vibrating" divine names for each Sephirot; is that the type of meditation you were performing as well?

a d a m

enochian ?!


I practice and study enochian...Just two questions : - What purposes are the prince and princess' color scale for ? - There is written in enochian : "You are not aware" ...Hugh, what do you mean ?

Thank you very much...


Wow, I am impressed that you

Wow, I am impressed that you decoded that. I didn't expect many people to recognize it, much less know the transliteration into English. To answer your questions:

  1. The prince and princess scales are from the Golden Dawn system; the prince scale is associated with the world of Yetzirah and the Tarot suit of Swords, and the princess scale is associated with the world of Assiah and the Tarot suit of Pentacles. There are many more associations and meanings, but that is a general idea of why there are four worlds. The customary world used for colors in the Golden Dawn is the Queen scale.

  2. "You are not aware" is a form of psychic subconscious message intended for those that can pick it up to start a new level of awareness of the supernatural in this life.

    a d a m

Tree of Life and Chakara correlations

I have read some about the tree of life and am still lost on the topic. In the book that I read it made references to the chakaras and their correlation to the Tree of Life. I looked at this site to see if you provided those references on a scale that I may be able to get a clearer understanding of the nature of the topic. If you have and can provide me with a link or layout to the chakaras and their correlation to the tree I would appreciate it.


Ah, interesting question. I had thought about adding Chakras to the options; I might do that next. In most systems, while chakras represent a different concept of energy flow than the emanations that are the sephira, there are still useful ways to map each chakra to a similar sephiroth. A very rough, layman overview can be found at However, for a powerful modern system that does a great job weaving chakras in with Hermeticism such as the Tree of Life, I recommend The New Hermetics. Another book that focuses much more on pure Western Hermetics but will also address Chakras and the Tree of Life is Modern Magick.

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