My Philosophy Prelude: The Disclaimer

I've decided to put down my philosophy of life in the written word.

However, a few words of explanation must come first. This is the philosophy that I have come to at this point in my life. It may be subject to change as I learn more, experience more, and grow more.

Also, I do not claim originality. I did not invent most of the ideas contained in my philosophy. I borrowed a lot of them. I read them, heard them, discussed them with friends, and what-have-you. These, however, are the ones I have chosen to adopt. I feel that they are congruent, and together they present a more complete picture of how I believe the universe works than any I have seen before.

I am a Christian, and the philosophies I have are ones that I believe work within the framework of--or at least not in opposition to--the Bible.

My philosophies are unprovable, except from my own subjective standpoint. There is no evidence for anything, one way or the other.

I don't necessarily believe that anyone else should believe what I do. Naturally, I think what I believe is right, but if it's not, or if you choose to believe something else regardless, that doesn't really bother me.

Finally, in these posts, I speak as if what I believe is true, because I believe that it is. If that doesn't sit well with you... tough. :-P Feel free to refute, poke holes, whatever, just be warned that I may or may not care. :)

That is all.



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