Goals: Break It Down

Goal setting is something that many people, myself included, find or have found difficult to understand and difficult to do.

Thinking: Control Your Thoughts

Many people don't think about what they think about. That sounds confusing, I know, but let me explain. What I mean is that most people do not know what they are thinking most of the time.

Interactive Online Tarot

Welcome to the powerful interactive online Tarot system here at adamia, which will teach you to read the Tarot the way it was meant to be read.

A Supernatural Venture, Part 02

Due to the inordinate length of the first segment of this story, I decided to complete a "Part 2." Here is the second half of my "supernatural venture." Make sure you've read the first half, "A Supernatural Venture."

Emotion and Thought

I recently, through experience, reading, and counseling with a couple of good friends, discovered something pretty interesting:

A Supernatural Venture

Welcome to a lengthy, detailed, deeply personal log of my spiritual journey during the last 6 weeks. Several parts of this are worthy of their own articles, but I would rather each reader had the full context of each element for maximal delivery efficacy. Before continuing, I recommend preparing yourself for such an intimate account of my life and its recent battles (or stopping now and moving on if you have no reason to care). There is much depth of life contained herein, and I urge you to invest the time to find it. If you know me in real life, try not to be too shocked by what you read, and whoever you are, keep an open mind!

Nicorette® for Christmas Cards

Christmas cards need their own form of Nicorette®. They constitute a fruitless addiction that plagues our society and heaps coals of vanity on our already sterile holiday. My deep desire is to see society at large cease the corporate printing and selling of Christmas Cards as soon as possible, allowing us to eliminate one of many factors that destroy the meaning of what was once a profound and joyful time of the year.

Extreme Cancer, Poison, and Infection - Miracles in Nigeria #04

I present to you some of the best video depictions of healings I have found. Breast cancer, chest cancer, leg cancer, body/skin poison, and mouth infection are all displayed with a before and after shot of the healing.