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Expectations and Giving

The vision is of a little boy, living in a cabin with his family, delighted by the rough sled that his father made for him. What a sweet child! And then the opposite side of the spectrum is the little boy living in a mansion with his family, dissatisfied and angered by the gigantic train set his parents bought him. What a spoiled brat!

It's All Energy

What is your treasure really? Energy. When you give money to someone, especially with good will, doesn't your attention focus on them a bit, and don't you give them some of your energy? You are giving money, certainly, but it's not the money that is the true gift, it's the energy.

Oscillation Between Two Extremes

I used to say on a semi-regular basis, “In all areas of life, the answer seems to lie in the middle of two extremes.” I thought it to be a pearl nugget of ultimate wisdom. I now understand a deeper (and potentially superior) concept: in some areas of life, the answer can lie in a process whose average value is the center of two extremes, but the process itself comprises regular oscillation between the two extremes. For a mathematical demonstration of the concept, picture the graph of cosine(x). The average value taken to infinity is zero.

Types of Converts: Exploders and Rocks

There are generally two types of people who join a Network Marketing company or a faith. The first type is the “exploders”, these are the people who have a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm. Often, they also have a largeish network of friends and they have a certain level of credibility with those friends. Exploders do just that, their business, or faith, blows up and they get many converts right away. Most exploders however are unprepared for what comes next, which necessarily is leadership. Usually, exploders are carried on their excitement, and they are not ready to lead their converts when the time comes.

At the Bottom of Everything

Here is a music video that I found moving and thought-provoking: "At the Bottom of Everything" by Bright Eyes. Please support lesser-known bands and buy their albums.

Exorcism Video Roundup

Here is a collection of the best videos I have found online portraying exorcisms (or claiming to). I spent some time a few months back digging up what the Web had to offer in this area. I was actually quite disappointed, and very few videos of any quality or merit turned up in my searches. These four are some of the best I have come across so far.

A Collection of Ideas and Corroborations

Alright, here is where I’m going to be putting a lot of the information that I come across in my daily readings and studies of life in general.

Mainly this is going to be for the stuff that I find that seems to agree with and perhaps even further explain the Biblical principles laid down by Christ in the New Testament.

Interactive Tree of Life

This is an interactive way to learn about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.