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Magical Decimals?

What is so magical about the decimal number system? Why is the number ten so important? It must be deeper than the number of fingers on our two hands: there are so many areas of ancient and/or mystical teachings that rely on groupings of the order of ten (the most obvious in my mind being the Kabbalistic Tree of Life). The one of particular interest for this article, however, is a system that arose in the last century. It may be much more ancient, but I have not determined its origins. I am referring to the numerological system of "life purpose" as revealed by Dan Millman in The Life You Were Born to Live.

I Must Write

I write this mere glimpse of an article solely to trap myself into the act of freeing myself. That is, I am creating accountability for myself by announcing to the world that I have no choice but to log my journey in the form of writing. It was revealed to me weeks ago that my spiritual journey may encounter endless blockages until I free my creative energy by the self-expression of writing. I resisted this epiphany for over a month, but fortunately the Spirit was persistent, continually declaring the same message an infinite number of ways. Several of the infinite ways I finally chose to perceive, and my threshold of acknowledgement was breached this morning.

Discipline Enables Choice

Like the classic “Christian Liberty” concept where rules can create freedom, in a more generalized sense, discipline enables freedom of choice in one’s life.

Isaac Newton, Practical Magician

If the revered Isaac Newton was a Christian, he was no saint, and he was certainly not a literal creationist. Let us look at his profane worldview, his luciferian life work, and his carnal lifestyle.

UPDATE: I have decided not to continue writing this article; to do it justice would require several hundred more hours of research. To see the research materials referenced so far, please watch my del.icio.us link collection.

Conscious vs. Subconscious Decisions

The total number of decisions you will make in any struggle does not increase; your chance of success in realizing your goals is directly proportionate to the ratio of conscious decisions to subconscious decisions.

If you seem to be going nowhere in life, you probably make very few conscious decisions. Life just seems to happen to you. However, the only major factor in this passive role in life is the amount of conscious control over decisions you make (heavily related to the concept of awareness). Nothing can remove the need to make a decision once confronted with the choice. But if you are not aware of your opportunity to consciously decide your action (and hence influence the outcome), you will simply let your subconscious decide, which inevitable results in action based on past habits — and rarely based on good habits.

Cyclic Nature of Theory and Practice

Your lifelong process of development must occur in cycles. These cycles must progress in the following order until death: theory, practice, theory, practice, etc. If this concept does not change your life, you either already knew it (and hence understand and utilize it), or you just didn’t understand it fully upon reading it.