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Welcome to the powerful interactive online Tarot system here at adamia, which will teach you to read the Tarot the way it was meant to be read. It also serves as a great tool for doing legitimate readings for peers. A tremendous amount of work has gone into this initial version, and please report any bugs/quirks to help make it perfect.

The Tarot Tutor is a very flexible system, allowing easy addition of any number of decks, spreads, and interpretation systems. For now, I can only legally use one deck, because all other quality decks are copyrighted. If you own the rights to another deck and would like to support my project, please leave a comment about a way to contact you for obtaining permission to use the images.

To launch the project in a timely manner (as in, two and a half solid weeks of sacrified free time), I only have one spread in place. I plan to add many spreads over the next several weeks. If you have a favorite spread, feel free to make a request!

In Firefox, the full-screen mode works as intended. Most other browsers seem to have minor quirks with it.

Philosophical note: if you are a Christian, I firmly believe that the Tarot is not in contradiction with Scripture. I have prayed much about this, and I believe the Holy Spirit is in favor of this project. If there is enough question about the matter, I would be glad to write an article about the Tarot vs. Scripture.

Launch the Interactive Tarot Tutor


setting the foundation

I was hoping you would actually have time to put the article out before you finished the program...but such was not the luck. I would also love the article on Tarot vs. Scripture...I think it would be a beneficial intro before anyone...Christians especially...took at look at the tutoring program.


Cool, thanks for the requests. At this point, I will wait for a few positive, constructive comments about the quality of the actual work and fixes/improvements to be made; this way I can be sure that people are actually using my program before asking for the article (if nobody likes it or benefits from it, it's not worthy my time to spend alot of extra trouble right now).

This project was a tremendous amount of work, and I wanted to get it out the door as soon as possible so people around the world can benefit from using it, and to prevent my homepage from going update-less for too much of 2007.

Just to clarify, if I were to write an article about Tarot vs. the Bible, it will be due to honestly curious people that want to learn more about things they know little of; it will not be due to requests focused on seeking justification for my actions because someone's (potentially) weak conscience was offended. I don't say this because I think any of the comments so far indicate this; I'm just offering a clarification just in case.

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Background information

Vote #1: I am interested in seeing an article from you on "Tarot vs. Scripture."

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