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Writing related to my spiritual journey.

Alcohol, Wine, and the Bible: A Common Sense View


There is much controversy in the modern church about the consumption of alcohol and its moral implications. The subject has been covered many times, and it is hardly a new topic. However, I believe the view I present in this article represents a fresh perspective: a direct appeal to your sense of reason. I will cover common arguments on the matter and present my own, carefully avoiding excessive academic detail. Sources are either listed parenthetically or by hyperlinks from relevant material.

Going Green: Getting a Hybrid Vehicle

Another way my wife and I have become just a little greener recently is the switch to an HEV, or Hybrid Electric Vehicle. We would not have been able to survive the move to California had we not traded in our cars for an SUV, but I was pretty resistant to getting one for the following reasons:

Metaplace Gets Revealed Today at Techcrunch 40

I recently mentioned moving to California, but I didn't say why. Today, I get to reveal what I have been working on: Metaplace. The company is Areae, and the product involves online virtual worlds. Other than that, I can't such much besides motivating you to check out the Metaplace site.

Interactive Online Tarot

Welcome to the powerful interactive online Tarot system here at adamia, which will teach you to read the Tarot the way it was meant to be read.

A Supernatural Venture, Part 02

Due to the inordinate length of the first segment of this story, I decided to complete a "Part 2." Here is the second half of my "supernatural venture." Make sure you've read the first half, "A Supernatural Venture."

A Supernatural Venture

Welcome to a lengthy, detailed, deeply personal log of my spiritual journey during the last 6 weeks. Several parts of this are worthy of their own articles, but I would rather each reader had the full context of each element for maximal delivery efficacy. Before continuing, I recommend preparing yourself for such an intimate account of my life and its recent battles (or stopping now and moving on if you have no reason to care). There is much depth of life contained herein, and I urge you to invest the time to find it. If you know me in real life, try not to be too shocked by what you read, and whoever you are, keep an open mind!

My Philosophy Part 1: In the Beginning

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Oscillation Between Two Extremes

I used to say on a semi-regular basis, “In all areas of life, the answer seems to lie in the middle of two extremes.” I thought it to be a pearl nugget of ultimate wisdom. I now understand a deeper (and potentially superior) concept: in some areas of life, the answer can lie in a process whose average value is the center of two extremes, but the process itself comprises regular oscillation between the two extremes. For a mathematical demonstration of the concept, picture the graph of cosine(x). The average value taken to infinity is zero.