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Extreme Cancer, Poison, and Infection - Miracles in Nigeria #04

I present to you some of the best video depictions of healings I have found. Breast cancer, chest cancer, leg cancer, body/skin poison, and mouth infection are all displayed with a before and after shot of the healing.

Raising the Dead! - Miracles in Nigeria #03

Brace yourself! In this video a man is raised from the dead ... that is, if you believe it! I will let this one speak for itself. What are your thoughts?

Lameness (Cripple), Spine, Nerves, and More - Miracles in Nigeria #02

T.B. Joshua heals a variety of conditions ranging from a degenerate spine to osteoporosis … if this is genuine! What do you think?

Blindness, Deafness, and HIV - Miracles in Nigeria #01

To kick off a new series in my campaign to seek out evidence of the supernatural in our world, I present the first adamia videos depicting healings. See a woman healed of blindness, a boy healed of deafness, and a man healed of HIV by the self-proclaimed prophet T.B. Joshua … if this is genuine! What do you think?

Exorcism Video Roundup

Here is a collection of the best videos I have found online portraying exorcisms (or claiming to). I spent some time a few months back digging up what the Web had to offer in this area. I was actually quite disappointed, and very few videos of any quality or merit turned up in my searches. These four are some of the best I have come across so far.

Interactive Tree of Life

This is an interactive way to learn about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Isaac Newton, Practical Magician

If the revered Isaac Newton was a Christian, he was no saint, and he was certainly not a literal creationist. Let us look at his profane worldview, his luciferian life work, and his carnal lifestyle.

UPDATE: I have decided not to continue writing this article; to do it justice would require several hundred more hours of research. To see the research materials referenced so far, please watch my del.icio.us link collection.