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Metaplace Gets Revealed Today at Techcrunch 40

I recently mentioned moving to California, but I didn't say why. Today, I get to reveal what I have been working on: Metaplace. The company is Areae, and the product involves online virtual worlds. Other than that, I can't such much besides motivating you to check out the Metaplace site.

Who Are You Really?

Recently I discovered a poem by William Stafford that caught my attention. What stuck out to me was the last stanza, which says:

"Who are you really, wanderer?"

Discipline: Discover the Freedom

Discipline. Does the word intimidate you? Do you disdain the thought? Do you cherish its contributions to your success? Do you struggle to know what discipline really is?

Responsibility: Control Your Life

An absolutely essential precursor to taking control of your life is the realization that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

Spiritual Resource Center

Welcome to your new life!

Thinking: Control Your Thoughts

Many people don't think about what they think about. That sounds confusing, I know, but let me explain. What I mean is that most people do not know what they are thinking most of the time.

Raising the Dead! - Miracles in Nigeria #03

Brace yourself! In this video a man is raised from the dead ... that is, if you believe it! I will let this one speak for itself. What are your thoughts?

My Philosophy Prelude: The Disclaimer

I’ve decided to put down my philosophy of life in the written word. However, a few words of explanation must come first. This is the philosophy that I have come to at this point in my life. It may be subject to change as I learn more, experience more, and grow more.