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Discipline: Discover the Freedom

Discipline. Does the word intimidate you? Do you disdain the thought? Do you cherish its contributions to your success? Do you struggle to know what discipline really is?

Responsibility: Control Your Life

An absolutely essential precursor to taking control of your life is the realization that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

Types of Converts: Exploders and Rocks

There are generally two types of people who join a Network Marketing company or a faith. The first type is the “exploders”, these are the people who have a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm. Often, they also have a largeish network of friends and they have a certain level of credibility with those friends. Exploders do just that, their business, or faith, blows up and they get many converts right away. Most exploders however are unprepared for what comes next, which necessarily is leadership. Usually, exploders are carried on their excitement, and they are not ready to lead their converts when the time comes.

Discipline Enables Choice

Like the classic “Christian Liberty” concept where rules can create freedom, in a more generalized sense, discipline enables freedom of choice in one’s life.

Conscious vs. Subconscious Decisions

The total number of decisions you will make in any struggle does not increase; your chance of success in realizing your goals is directly proportionate to the ratio of conscious decisions to subconscious decisions.

If you seem to be going nowhere in life, you probably make very few conscious decisions. Life just seems to happen to you. However, the only major factor in this passive role in life is the amount of conscious control over decisions you make (heavily related to the concept of awareness). Nothing can remove the need to make a decision once confronted with the choice. But if you are not aware of your opportunity to consciously decide your action (and hence influence the outcome), you will simply let your subconscious decide, which inevitable results in action based on past habits — and rarely based on good habits.